Show the IP66 Street Light  

One of the street light from abroad, the protection level has achieved IP66. According to Yeema analysis, it based on dual protection from top and bottom shell and the light can achieve the IP66. Most street lights are not really achieve IP65, but this street light show a new design style, and will lead a new form of the street light. More valuable is that it does not raise the cost of lighting, but rely on the design capabilities in order to achieve the functional requirements.
Yeema new Motto: Design bring Value.


When the Origin become Quality—Yeema Design  

Gardco and Emco lighting are two professional lighting manufacturers, established in 1961, and was attributed to Philips.
Become a subsidiary of Philips, but their products are always in the development of a brand origin, grid-like pattern deal with its street lamps, garden lights, wall lamp, lawn lamp, such as a series of products have maintained the characteristics of the product. Thus bring more than 80 million dollars sales.
So, we (Yeema) should think how our design products can compete with Gardco and Emco Lighting and other international brands products, at least in the cost-effective. Another way of saying, whether the products we designed can affect the future of the enterprise or not, or the temporary need of the products which are eliminated quickly, not to mention those which are merely copied products. All those are worth thinking--
Do not to design for design.


When the design encounter the cost  

New LED Spotlight Design from Yeema
This new work is a design of a LED Spotlight from Yeema Design. With the innovative design and production cost, it is necessary to focus on how to control the cost of production. Make the products release the biggest design potential, and then achieve the requestments of novelty.


The most perfect design of garden light from Yeema Design ( China)—Continue  

This work is a design of a Garden light. It is for propaganda of Yeema this year.
From model, structure to light, it is a true sense of design of a Garden light. Design like this is what an enterprise needs.


latest design information ___From Philips lamp develop to think Yeema design's duty  

As a global leader in Lighting, Philips is working to promote the whole community to the efficient conversion of energy-saving solutions. And their products entered the Chinese market early in 1920, since 1985 to set up the first joint venture, it has established 23 joint ventures and owned enterprises now, more than 15,000 employees, and the R & D personnel to reach a thousand. Currently, Philips has invested in China has more than 4 billion U.S. dollars. Philips data shows that the impact of the Chinese market, Philips lighting design also indirectly promote the development of China's lighting. Its new products and the introduction of new technologies has become the indicator for Chinese lamp enterprises to follow.
As one of small number of professional lighting design companies, Yeema should guide the lamp enterprises to the R & D process. Through the design, make the lighting more competitive, lower manufacturing costs and achieve functional interoperability. Really brought the Chinese enterprises the create strength, so that enterprises will no longer copy, imitate, or small modifications, for the processing enterprises to research and development enterprises.
In Yeema's view, R & D design is an attitude. The Enterprise can always continue the design update instead of always continue the development. An enterprise can develop one lamp one year, but his R & D process must be maintained at all times.
Then Yeema will increase innovation in the concept of lighting design on the publicity, and hope our efforts can alert the Chinese lighting design innovation.

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