Annual blog ;P  Diary

I was totally surprised when accessing to this page because I hadn't posted any entries for this weblog for 12 months. Twelve months! Means one year!! Actually, I had no time to write at all as I was busy for my full-time job, or translating job on the every weekend.

After the last entry, I found a job in the world-biggest car maker as a temporary staff. I was covering the responsibility of permanent staff who took a maternity leave. The job was not so bad, but, to be honest, not so satisfying. Never mind, though. I could earn a lot of money, just sitting in front of the company computer and reading English websites. And I had a good experience, feeling Japan's economy is moving in that company.

Now I am on job hunting again. It seems May has become a month of hibernation for me. Hibernating, wondering what will happen to me next. A biggest point of this hibernation is I am losing enthusiasm for finding a new job. Probably I am too exhausted to take an immediate step. The big earthquake in March has affected to me, maybe. Anyway I desire to do nothing.

However, I can't hibernate eternally, can I? I have decided to just let my fate flow, to the shore it should reach. I don't want to struggle right now. Need some rest.


Bonjour & hello again  Diary

I haven't access to my English blog for long, so I almost forgot how to login to my edit page.

I found a job at a cosmetic company in last July, but the job contract was until April 2010. My position was to cover the maternity leave for a stuff member.

It was great fun to work there, but what I was regret the most was I had to leave the company in 10 months.

So, now I am free! And looking for another job!
In this resession, it's really hard to get a good translating job, because translators are easy to be laid off in the company... If I could be an interpreter, thing were more easy. There are a lot of positions for them.

But never mind. I can get a better job anyway soon.
Cross my fingers, knock on wood, break my leg!!!!

And recently I've began to study French. It's really fun.
Using Pimsleur(not sure the spelling), I listen and repeat what the speakers say.

I am learning French via English. I bet it's really effective.


Anxiety  Diary

I am having a job interview tomorrow. But I am kind of pessimistic and think like this: it ain't a big deal even though I fail the interview, coz I'm getting used to the life without job.

To think about to be a loser (meaning “forever unemployed” in this case), it's so scary to make me crazy. Thus I try to avoid tackling this difficult situation seriously.

To be honest, I don't know where my future is going. What should I do? Too much anxiety and desperation for the future almost makes me anemic.

However, I don't want to be a perennial underdog! I desire a new energy for job hunting… Anyway, I will do my best tomorrow. That's the only option for me right now.


Should have forgotten  Diary

I use a social network site, and have some friends on it.

Then, last night I checked one of the friend's page. I had a big crush on him before, so I have intentionallly avoided him (on the Internet, I mean), though he and I are Internet friends. However, I browsed his page somehow at 2 o'clock in the morning, I don't know why, then I found the status; he is married.

I don't know why, but it was rather shocking.
When did he get married?
And why am I upset by the fact he is married to someone??

Maybe I still have, not love, but a delicate feeling to him.
I have to lock it up in my mind not to be upset again.


Thank you for the language  Diary

Now I'm very desperate because I can't find any job so far, however, I try to brush up my English skills whenever I am free. I suppose it’s a good activity for me.

Though I do some translating as a side job at home, sometimes it's stressing as it is a “job.” When I feel it, I always study English (doing shadowing or listening to English podcasts) to chill out.

Thanks for the language, I am always able to release my stress, be positive, and sometimes get earning. I think I may be lucky, living with English!


Depressing, but...  Diary

As I have written in this blog, I am unemployed and busy with job hunting now, which is very upsetting. Since open jobs aren't so many right now, it's very hard for me to find a translating work, especially in the IT industry.

What if I am still unemployed in 3 months? Wow, it's horrible...

Anyway, when I can't get a job and feel desperate, I say to myself a phrase by Hideki Matsui, a baseball player in Yankees.

"Now I will stop making a great fuss about something uncontrollable, and just focus on what I can do at this moment."

He said this when he got injured and on the disabled list. Yeah, I agree with it.

This situation seems like that I am on the DL of life, but just concentrate on my hope and future.


Eco-friendly Chewing Gum  News

Recently I found an interesting article(click here). I’d like to write about it.

According to CNN.com, a Mexican chewing gum maker has invented a first biodegradable chewing gum. It becomes non-adhesive when dry and turns to dust in six weeks.

The gum doesn’t contain any petrochemicals that are used for any conventional gums, but made from natural ingredients from the sap of the chicozapote tree found in the Mexican rain forest.

Keep Britain Tidy, a campaign group, told CNN that they welcome any products that can be helpful to clean up streets and eliminate the blobs caused by dropped chewing gum. Removing chewing gum stuck on the streets costs about 150 million pounds ($222 m, ¥20 billion) a year, and 65% of streets in the UK have chewing gum stuck on them .

Westminster in central London is the worst area of this chewing gum issue, and it would cost approximately 9 million pounds ($13.4 m, ¥1.3 billon) in total to remove the gum from the pavement. British politicians requested government to introduce the tax for chewing gum. The money raised on it will be used for remove the gum on the street.

It is time-consuming and expensive to eradicate the chewing gum, thus, it would be wonderful if something innovative can resolve the problem.

The name of the product is Chicza Mayan Rainforest Chewing Gum. The producer is Consorcio Chiclero, which comprises 46 cooperatives with 2,000 chcleros farmers working in an area of 1.3 million hectares rainforest. They originally exported the ingredients for the regular chewing gum, but they recently decided to start making ones on their own, using only chicle gum base.

The company launched its gum in Britain at the beginning of April, and the price is 1.39 pounds ($2.06, ¥200).

I think it is a bit expensive for a packet of chewing gum, but the product is really amazing. Chewing gum staining on the street, or sometimes you can see it on the train seat, looks very ugly and annoying. If you step on it, it’s intolerable, as it’s very sticky and hard to take it off from the shoe sole.

I didn’t know the chewing gum is not biodegradable at all, and the cost for removing it is truly expensive. The biodegradable chewing gum can save a lot of money for eradicating the discarded gum on the pavement.



After the crisis  Diary

How have you been? I was too busy to post something for a while. But now, it's ok! I am liberated from the job!

I am not joking; I was laid-off by the company I worked for one year. I did my best, and translated a lot of documents everyday, however, the company downsized the divisions and laid off all temporary stuff members. That is what happened to me in March. The company couldn't do anything in this bad business climate.

So, I am registering for several job agents to look for a better job. I still want to work as a translator, and I don't care whatever the industry is. Sometimes I got depressed as I can’t find any job offer suitable for me. It's really hard for me to make myself calm down when I am desperate. It's natural, isn’t it?

Anyway, I don't want to jump at the job which is not perfect to me. I must be calm down enough to know which job is the best.


A cold  Diary

I've caught cold and found this cold is very nasty.

I have the runs and can't sleep well because of coughs.

Resently it's getting colder and I have to be more careful...


New Year  Diary

I was very busy last year and had no time to return to this blog. What a shame! X(

Maybe things will be more hectic in 2009 and I am afraid I can't post anything here, however, I don't want to close this site so I will post short sentences via cell phone from now on.

Thanks for your visiting!

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